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I haven’t posted on this blog in awhile! Sorry, I got sucked into watching teen wolf from the start but nonetheless, I wanted to make a rant post. I’ve been looking at the Degrassi tag on tumblr and on twitter and personally, I’m kind of shocked at the amount of hate Maya Matlin gets and the amount of hate Matlinsworth (Maya + Miles) get. It seems as if everything she does people bring Campbell into the conversation some how. Now I loved Campbell’s character, I really did back in season eleven I could care less about Maya independently because of how cute Camaya was. With that said, he did pass away. It’s horrible and it sucks that we didn’t get to see them develop as a couple more but Cam did decide to take his own life and this is my little rant on the whole subject.

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I just started watching teen wolf, already on season two and whenever i see a post about it i literally close my tab because i don’t want any spoilers, ehhhhh.

Anonymous asked:
thought on camaya

First you should know i’m not the biggest Maya fan, while i usually like her when she’s being a supporting character, i can’t stand when plots are focused around her. She much more chill and less annoying when she’s just hanging out with her friends, ect. I do ship Camaya, i was a big fan of Campbell’s and there relationship was plain adorable. Although, personally i would have liked to see how Cam dealt with thing without a girlfriend, it was an extra stress her didn’t need. But most of the time they were happy and cute so i can’t complain much.

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I'm hoping for a happy ending for drew and zoe. or at least a resolved one. I still hope he gets all protective and does something about her upcoming possible rape. But I know the writers are planning for drew/zoe to have this storyline and have them end up hating each other.. I dunno I still like the idea of Drew/Zoe together I just wish their storyline hadn't gone this way with them crashing and burning before they could even have a decent relationship! It's sad

Agreed. I feel like i’m the only one who likes the idea of Zoe and Drew, even though i hate that they let Drew take her virginity. I’m hoping for the same outcome when / if Zoe get raped, it’s obviously Drew hates seeing girls hurt, that’s the only reason he didn’t end things w/ Zoe last episode so maybe he will defend her in some way. It’s very sad how the writers let this relationship play out. Personally if this is how their relationship’s going to be then I would’ve preferred Zoe to get another story line all together. I mean when she came on the show she already didn’t have any friends, now all they do with her character is let her be a bitch and let guys use her. Such a good character gone to waste (at this point) and what a good relationship gone to waste as well.

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How about Craig and Imogen as a couple and Ellie and Adam as friends for your fanfic

Ahh, what a good idea, maybe, who knows.

While i know i haven’t posted au request in a few days, i’m in the process for finding good pictures for all the characters i have none of. You’d be surprised how long it takes to find decent pictures of some of these character, so be patient. But i’m thinking of starting a Degrassi fanfiction; i’d like it to include a few couples, maybe characters from different generations so send me you ideas for couples, friendships, ect! I already have a few ideas circling around my head but i’d love to hear yours as well.


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